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Error Messages
As with every technical system, errors ocur in the WWW as well. Here are the most common errors you will see:

 400 - Bad Request
 401 - Authorization Required
 403 - Forbidden
 404 - File Not Found
 500 - Internal Server Error
For the most common "404 - File Not Found", the following screen will be displayed:


File Not Found

The object requested could not be found on the server.

Please check your request for typing errors and retry.

If those standard messages does not fit your needs, you can create your own messages.
Simply create a subdirectory named /errors in your domain root directory. This directory is the location for your new error messages.
Error documents have no extension. E.g. your own 404 error document would have the complete path /errors/404. ( /usr/home/domainname.com/errors/404 in the server context.)