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File System Structure
Die Verzeichnisstruktur

After a ftp connection is established, you are located in your rootdirectory, which contains additional subdirectories:


The /data-directory
contains files, used by many services that come with your server account. It is also the HTMLScript/Miva data directory and the location for your autoresponder and mailing list files.

The /htdocs-directory
is the document root for your webpages. Only files and directories contained within this directory are accessible by the public through a Web browser. Therefore, if you create or own Web pages or have someone else create them for you, they need to be placed in this directory. When your server is first set up, there should be a single file in this directory called index.html.
By default, your server will look for files called "index.html", "index.htm" or "index.shtml" if no file name is specified in the URL.

The /logs-directory
is the location of your server logfiles. LogAn and other log analyzers are using this data to display information about the visitors of your site.

Please note:
Your server is a UNIX system:

  • UNIX is case sensitive, INDEX.HTM is not the same as index.htm.
  • Do not use spaces in file or directory names.
  • Do not use special characters.