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Apache Settings
Under the "Settings" sub-menu the Apache Settings module is used to configure serverwide settings of your Apache web server.

    This feature is only available for the primary site of the server. Checking this box will enable the Apache secure server (SSL/HTTPS) for the primary and all other web sites. A temporary digital certificate will be installed during the SSL installation process. If you would like to use your own digital certificate you should replace the temporary certificate and key with your own cert and key files at the following locations:

    Certificate File: /usr/local/apache/conf/server.crt
    KeyFile: /usr/local/apache/conf/server.key

    If you need to install a second and/or subsequent digital certificate on your MicroRack for your sub-hosting client(s) please contact support to have this capability installed and activated on your server.
  • mod_rewrite
    The mod_rewrite module provides a rule-based rewriting engine to rewrite requested URLs on the fly.
  • VHost Traffic Accounting
    The "VHost Traffic Accounting" function can be used to gather the data from the web and ftp server acivity to privide traffic usage for each hosted site.
  • PHP Module Version
    The "PHP Module Version" function is used to switch between the preinstalled PHP 4 and 5 modules (mod_php4 / mod_php5).