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Users and Groups
On the MicroRack system each web site is created as a unique UNIX group. All users (mail, ftp, shell) of one site are assigned to one group.

There are four types of users in the Microrack FreeBSD operating system.
  • root
    The first is the "root" or "super-user". Root is the system administrator and has nearly unrestricted rights to the system and everything on it. Only operations that may affect the system stability or other servers on the network may be restricted.
    When you need to use root access, you should use your regular login, and then use su to enter root-level access.
    As soon as you are done with your operations, you should immediately type exit to leave root mode. This will prevent you from doing damage to your system.
  • Server Administrator
    The Server Administrator, has full access to the entire configuration of the MicroRack system and all websites via the web control panel.
    The Server Administrator can create and manage additional users and control various system settings.
  • Site Administrator
    The Site Administrator has access to all data of its own website. He usually has FTP access to this area, and will have its own POP3-Email-Account. He is allowed to create additional FTP and mail users, depending on the
    Site Manager settings for the website.
  • Additional Users
    Additional telnet/SSH, FTP and POP3 users can be created with the
    User Manager. Such users do not have access to a web control panel.