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Customizing the site control panel of your Hosting Accounts

The Preferences/Web Interface section of your server control panel allows you to customize the control panel of the websites hosted on your MicroRack server.

You can enter the URL of a logo that will be displayed in the top frame of the site control panel. The logo should be a 149x39 pixel transpartent GIF image.
E.g. http://yourdomain.com/logo.gif.
In addition you can define the path of an HTML file (not an URL) which should be displayed to your clients as a welcome message in the main frame of the site control panel.
This welcome message can contain a couple of special commands and variables to access account-specific information:

  • [USER]
    the name of the user accesing the website.
  • [DOMAIN]
    the domain (site) name of the website.
    Using this element will inform your client that there is mail in the primary mailbox of the account. The standard message that will be displayed is:
    You have new mail!
    To read your mail you can use a mail client like Messenger or Outlook Express, or you can use the included WebMail function.
    This standard message can be changed with the
  • [NEWMAIL=]
    command. E.g.
    [NEWMAIL=You have new messages!]
    shows a pie graph of the diskspace used by this website.
    shows the number of files and directories this website is having.
    shows the available diskspace.
    shows the used diskspace.
    will show an account specific message.
    Account specific messages can be created in the /etc/admin/messages folder.
    To create a message for the control panel of the website "domainname.com", you have to create the text file "/etc/admin/messages/domainname.com". Of course, you have to replace "domainname.com" with the actual domain name of your client. If the folder /etc/admin/messages does not exist on your server, you have to create it first. This feature can be used to display important notices to your clients (e.g billing information etc.).

    Here is a small example of a customized welcome screen file:
    [NEWMAIL=You have new mail<BR>]
    <H3>AcmeHosting - Hosting and More...</H3><HR><BR>
    <B>Welcome to the Account Control Panel</B><BR>
    [QUOTAFILES] files and folders.
    [QUOTAUSED] used.<BR>
    [QUOTAAVAIL] available.<BR>