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Frequently Asked Questions
The documents linked below contain answers to many basic questions Gold Vision clients have upon setting up a new hosting account, HERA VS or MicroRack server. If you have a question, check the appropriate section or search the database to see if the answer is readily available online. If your question is not addressed by one of our FAQs or in the support section, please feel free to contact our technical support team at .
All searches are case-insensitive, in other words, if you search for fIsH then fish, FISH, FIsh, fiSH and others will be returned.


  1. General questions
    1. What is a Virtual Dedicated Server?
    2. Do I need to know Unix in order to configure my MicroRack Virtual Dedicated Server?
    3. How long does it take to set up a new MicroRack server?
    4. What kind of hit volume can a MicroRack Server take?
    5. How many Virtual Dedicate Servers are located on one physical server?
    6. What's the difference between the old HERA VS and the MicroRack server system?
    7. Do you offer Windows NT/2000/XP based accounts or servers?
    8. Can I have adult content on my server or account?
    9. Can I install an IRC client or server? Can I run IRC bots?
    10. Do you provide dial-up Internet access?
    11. What is your spam and bulk e-mail policy?

  2. Getting Started
    1. How can I access my web control panel?
    2. Where do I upload my Web site contents?

  3. E-Mail related
    1. What are my incoming and outgoing mail servers?
    2. I can only receive mail but can't send mail / My internet service provider is blocking port 25 (SMTP)
    3. I can't find a specifc feature in the preinstalled WebMail or MList mailing list program.

  4. Scripting and Website Development
    1. Do you support Perl or other scripting languages?
    2. What is the path of 'perl' on the MicroRack systems?
    3. What is the location of my php.ini file?
    4. Is PHP running in safe mode?
    5. Where is Sendmail located?
    6. PHP Scripts are displayed as source code rather than being parsed.
    7. Do you support ASP?
    8. Do you support Java servlets and Java server pages (JSP)?
    9. How can I install additional software and perl modules on my MicroRack server?
    10. How can I accept credit cards on my website?
    11. Are ionCube and SourceGuardian Loader supported?

  5. DNS/Nameserver related questions
    1. What are your nameservers?
    2. How can I add domains on the Gold Vision nameservers?
    3. Can I get my own nameservers?
    4. How do I register my new HERA VS or MicroRack nameservers?

  6. Billing and Payment
    1. What methods of payment do you accept?
    2. Do you offer prepayment discounts?
    3. Can I upgrade my hosting or server plan at any time?
    4. How can I change or update the credit card information for my account?
    5. How do I cancel my account or server?
    6. Do you have a reseller program?

  7. SSL - Secure Sockets Layer (https)
    1. What is SSL?
    2. What is a SSL Certificate?
    3. How do I enable SSL on my HERA VS 200/500 or MicroRack server?

  8. Miscelanious Topics
    1. How can I point a new domain to the content of an existing domain or account?
    2. How can I view the content of a site before the DNS change has been propagated?
    3. How do I setup a subdomain on my MicroRack server?
    4. How can I forward a website to another server?
    5. Can I get/add additional IP addresses?
    6. How do I create password protected web folders?
    7. How do I change the user passwords?
    8. How do I change the ftp timeout time on my MicroRack server?
    9. How do I enable root-FTP-access on my MicroRack server?
    10. How do I enable root-SSH-access on my MicroRack server?
    11. How do I change the mySQL root password on my MicroRack server?
    12. How can I enable remote access to the mySQL server?
    13. What is favicon.ico and why does it show up in my logs?
    14. My server logs show many hits trying to run cmd.exe and other programs.