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SSL Solutions

Encryption included.

The new Gold Vision Certificate Manager allows you to install free Let's Encrypt certificates for all domains hosted on your MicroRack server.

New hosting accounts come with Let's Encrypt certificates preinstalled. Please contact our support team to get a free certificate for your existing hosting account.

In addition we offer certificates from GeoTrust/RapidSSL, SECU.NET and Comodo from $ 29.95 per year.
GeoTrust/RapidSSL and Comodo SSL Certificates
Issued in minutes, easy set up and install! Ideal for just getting started. (Domain Validation, $10K Warranty)
$ 29.95 / year
Comodo Essential
Basic SSL certificate from Comodo. (Domain Validation, $10K Warranty)
$ 29.95 / year
Comodo Essential Wildcard
Streamline your process and easily manage your domain and subdomains under the same SSL certificate. (Domain Validation, $10K Warranty)
$ 149.95 / year
SECU.NET SSL Subdomains
SECU.NET uses a wildcard certificate, which allows it to be used in conjunction with any https://yourname.secu.net/. (Internal Validation)
$ 29.95 / year