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SSL Solutions

Secure your web site with an SSL solution from Gold Vision Communications.

Forwarding personal data and Credit Card numbers via the Internet is a crucial electronic commerce problem. With the help of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol the content of HTML forms containing confidential data is encoded with 256 bytes strong encryption.
SSL encryption technology authenticates your site and protects all communications with your customer so you can securely accept credit card orders, or other sensitive information through your web site, therefore ensuring that all transmissions are protected. SSL is normally used in tandem with a Digital Certificate which gives your customers the assurance that your Web site is legitimately yours and not that of an impostor. The Digital Certificate also provides information about the issuing Certificate Authority.

Gold Vision offers a wide variety of certificates from Comodo, GeoTrust and Verisign. All prices include technical assistance and installation. Additional certificates available on request. Please contact our support team for more information.
GeoTrust SSL Certificates
Issued in minutes, easy set up and install! Ideal for just getting started. (Domain Validation, $10K Warranty)
$ 29.95/yr
True BusinessID
Trusted protection and assurance to your customers that your site is trustworthy and secure. (Organization Validation, $100K Warranty)
$ 179.95/yr
Comodo SSL Certificates
Comodo Essential
A basic SSL certificate that provides complete encryption for a very low price. (Domain Validation, $10K Warranty)
$ 29.95/yr
SECU.NET SSL Subdomains
SECU.NET uses a wildcard certificate, which allows it to be used in conjunction with any https://yourname.secu.net/ URL without generating a domain name mismatch warning. SECU.NET SSL subdomains are the ideal solution for hosting multiple SSL secured sites on one IP address. (Internal Validation)
$ 29.95/yr
Comodo Instant
A complete SSL certificate with full encryption issued in moments at an affordable price. (Domain Validation, $10K Warranty)
$ 49.95/yr
Comodo EV (Extended Validation "Green Bar")
Get the green bar with the strongest encryption available so your site can be trusted. (Extended Validation, Green Bar, $250K Warranty)
$ 199.95/yr
Comodo Essential Wildcard
Streamline your process and easily manage your domain and subdomains under the same SSL. (Domain Validation, $10K Warranty)
$ 149.95/yr
VeriSign SSL Certificates
Secure Site
Send information securely over the web; $100K warranty & full validation. (Organization Validation, $100K Warranty)
$ 369.95/yr
Secure Site with EV (Extended Validation "Green Bar")
Complete customer confidence; triggers the green bar in high-security browsers. (Organization Validation, Green Bar, $100K Warranty)
$ 949.95/yr